PlanBuild Tasmania will be an easy to use portal for the state-wide management of planning, building, plumbing and public health application processes. PlanBuild Tasmania will provide a centralised solution that brings councils, industry professionals and property owners together in managing the end-to-end development application process efficiently and effectively.

The portal is currently being built and staged implementation of functionality will start from November 2021.

This State Government initiative aims to streamline the development application processes. The project is managed by the Department of Justice and jointly funded by state and federal governments.

The solution design has been informed by extensive stakeholder consultation to ensure it will meet Tasmania’s specific needs.

During the build of the portal, stakeholders will continue to be consulted and provide user experience feedback to optimise functionality where possible.

A local Tasmanian IT company has been contracted to partner with the project team to build the PlanBuild Tasmania solution.

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