About PlanBuild Tasmania

PlanBuild Tasmania will be released in phases. The first release is the Enquiry service that is available now.

Future functionality will enable you to lodge applications and track the status of your planning, building, plumbing and related environmental and public health applications.

Read more about phase two of PlanBuild Tasmania.

Phase one - Enquiry

Phase one of the PlanBuild Tasmania portal is now live for public use. The Enquiry service allows anyone to enter an address in the portal to see what planning zones and codes apply to a property. A Property Report can be generated which includes maps, details of the planning zone, codes and other information that affect the selected property.

For those properties that fall under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, PlanBuild Tasmania provides a comprehensive Guided Enquiry service, including identifying planning, building and plumbing rules that may apply to a proposed project.

A proposed project could include changes to your residential property, such as building a deck, adding a deck or doing internal renovations.

PlanBuild Tasmania will also provide information on food businesses and operating a risk-based business, such as a tattoo parlour that requires specific licenses.

You will be able to work through a series of questions on your proposed project resulting in information on:

  • who to consult (e.g. local council, Heritage Tasmania)
  • who can do the work (e.g. a licensed builder)
  • what to apply for (e.g. a permit).

After completing an enquiry if you have additional questions or want to request advice from a council, this can be lodged online using PlanBuild Tasmania.

Learn more about how to use PlanBuild Tasmania.

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Phase two - Applications

The phase two release will enable you to lodge and track the status of your application through the portal.

PlanBuild Tasmania will provide a central portal for the management of the development application processes across the state.

The portal will be intuitive to use and aims to deliver a consistent, transparent and streamlined application process to all users, including:

  • property owners, property developers and the general public
  • industry professionals such as Building Surveyors and Building Designers
  • agencies such as TasWater and Tasmanian Fire Service
  • councils.

The phase two release will allow users to do the following.

Members of the public will be able to:

  • submit an application
  • pay fees
  • purchase a Certificate of Title
  • track the status of an application
  • upload documents as needed
  • receive notifications
  • receive any permits issued.

Industry professionals will be able to:

  • create projects and manage applications in a central place
  • connect with local councils
  • lodge applications and other information on behalf of their clients
  • access relevant reporting.

Council users will be able to:

  • receive applications
  • receive payment of fees
  • notify applicants of additional requirements
  • refer applications to other agencies, if required
  • notify applicants of the outcome of their application
  • issue any approval to applicants through the portal
  • access relevant reporting.
Updated: 26th October 2022