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Local Government

Local Government (Councils) as planning authorities are responsible for assessing planning applications, also known as development applications, and issuing planning permits, if approved.

Councils also employ permit authorities who are people licensed to issue building, plumbing and associated permits.

Tasmanian Councils (29)
Local Government Association Tasmania

Find your information about your local council through the Local Government Association Tasmania website.

State Government Departments

The Departments listed below, govern aspects of the Planning, Building, Plumbing or Public Health process.

Department of Justice

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS)

Find additional information and resources about planning, building and plumbing in Tasmania.

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Department of Natural Resources and Environment (formerly DPIPWE)

Parks and Wildlife Service

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) are responsible for Crown land that is reserved under the Nature Conservation Act 2002.  This can include public reserves, school and hospital sites, verges of roads, land along river banks and coastal areas, sporting grounds, parks and picnic facilities.

The following links may be useful

Land Tasmania

Natural and Cultural Heritage

Department of Health

Food safety and environmental health services

Food safety and environmental health services information can be found on the Department of Health website.

Department of State Growth
Department of Treasury and Finance
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA Tasmania is Tasmania's Environmental Protection Agency.

Tasmanian Fire Service

The Tasmanian Fire Service provides information on bushfire hazards, bushfire prone areas, and more.

External organisations

External agencies that protect, own, manage, maintain or operate infrastructure that informs the Planning, Building and/or Plumbing process:


TasWater manages and maintains water and sewerage infrastructure (except stormwater) in Tasmania.


TasNetworks owns, operates and maintains the electricity network in Tasmania.

If your project requires a TasNetworks connection, you can use their online connections portal. This portal will enable you to register then submit and track your connection requests using a personalised account.

Requests that are covered in TasNetworks connections portal include:

  • Basic connection
  • Negotiated connection
  • Embedded Generation Connection
  • Public lighting

If you live on King or Flinders Island please contact Hydro Tasmania to discuss your connection.


Tasmanian legislation and other resources that regulate the Planning, Building and Plumbing process:

Planning Legislation
Planning resources

The Tasmanian Planning Commission is an independent statutory authority that reviews, advises on, and determines a range of land use and development matters.

  • Tasmanian Planning Commission
  • Learn about Tasmanian land planning and development and how it has been modernised, or search for planning information.

  • Planning in Tasmania
  • Building and Plumbing Legislation and other resources

    Building and plumbing in Tasmania is governed by the Building Act 2016.

    Link to CBOS website for Advisory notes, Building determinations and more.

    More building and plumbing resources

    Other useful resources

    Before You Dig Australia

    Any project, including work on private properties, can damage assets located around your dig site. This can lead to service interruptions, delays, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario – injury or death. Obtaining plans and safety information from asset owners via the free referral service before you start work can significantly minimise these risks:

    Updated: 30th August 2022