Tasmanian Planning Scheme progress

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The Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) is a single, state-wide planning scheme which will replace current planning schemes operating across Tasmania. The TPS delivers consistency in the planning controls that are applied across the State and provides the necessary flexibility to address local issues.

Of Tasmania’s 29 councils, 16 councils now have the TPS in effect. For those where the TPS is not in effect, there is an Interim Planning Scheme in place for that area. The planning scheme in effect at a property location determines the rules that apply to a proposed project.

PlanBuild Tasmania provides members of the community with extended access to the PlanBuild Tasmania guided enquiry functionality for those areas where the TPS is in effect. These communities will be able to view information about their property, but also find answers to a series of common questions, such as building a shed, adding a deck, putting up a retaining wall, or adding solar panels to name a few!

The TPS has recently come into effect for:

  • Northern Midlands Council (Nov 2022)
  • Launceston City Council (Sep 2022)
  • Southern Midlands Council (Jul 2022)
  • Flinders Council (Jul 2022)

In addition to these, Sorell Council’s Local Provision Schedule is currently being implemented which will bring the TPS into effect for properties in this municipality.

During this transition period, enquirers are asked to contact the Sorell Council directly for up to date information relating to properties. This can be done by selecting the ‘Request Advice’ button after completing a property search using PlanBuild Tasmania.

See the full list of councils on the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

PlanBuild Tasmania is excited by the opportunity to work with Council to support them in the ongoing delivery of planning, building and plumbing outcomes to the Tasmanian community.

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Updated: 25th November 2022