Property Information Expo

Property Information Expo

The Southern Tasmanian Property Information Expo hosted by Campbell Conveyancing was held at the Iron Creek Bay Farm Stay, on Saturday 9th July 2022. Attendees had access to industry experts from unique positions to answer any questions about the property industry.

Special guest speakers, who have been featured on popular podcasts and TV, offered exceptional engagement opportunities with investors, buyers and sellers in the real estate and property industries. Special guests were joined by 6 additional speakers and 13+ stall holders from relevant industry backgrounds, including PlanBuild Tasmania.

The event presented an opportunity to demonstration PlanBuild Tasmania Enquiry functionality, with positive responses received from attendees and other industry representatives.

Read more about the Property Information Expo here.

PlanBuild Tasmania Project Delivery Officer, Toby Whitton, Presenting at the Southern Tasmania Property Expo.

Image: PlanBuild Tasmania Team Member, Toby Whitton, presenting at the Property Information Expo.

Updated: 15th July 2022