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User Acceptance Testing Scenarios

PlanBuild Tasmania User Acceptance Testing Scenarios

Updated as of 25 October 2022

Test Card Numbers

You can use the below card details to make test payments using the WestPac Payment Gateway - Please note the test card system is slow to process, you can move an application to the next stage of the PlanBuild workflow while a payment is outstanding:

Card NumberSecurity CodeExpiry DateNameResponse
4564 7100 0000 000484702/29Test08 Visa Credit Approved
4564 0300 0000 000784702/30Test08 Visa Debit Approved
5163 2000 0000 000807008/30Test08 Mastercard Credit Approved
5163 6100 0000 000884702/30Test08 Mastercard Debit Approved
2221 0000 0000 000900901/30Test08 Mastercard Approved

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2. Planning Application Assessment

3. Building Application Assessment

Council Organisation Admin User Guide


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Example House Plan Pack

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1. General Information

Updated: 25th October 2022