PlanBuild Tasmania

Tasmania's online property development enquiry and applications portal.


PlanBuild Tasmania is an easy to use portal for the state-wide management of planning, building, plumbing, environmental health and public health application processes.

The portal provides a consistent and convenient end-to-end online user experience for Tasmanian property development.

The future with PlanBuild Tasmania

PlanBuild Tasmania is a centralised solution that brings councils, industry professionals and property owners together in managing the end-to-end development application process efficiently and effectively.

It is an easy to use portal to lodge and track property development applications. The portal offers a central source of information for all planning, building and plumbing rules. The processes will be streamlined, consistent and transparent for all users.

Central source of information

From November 2021, PlanBuild Tasmania will offer a comprehensive enquiry service including viewing spatial data and planning, building and plumbing rules for specific locations (by address). Anyone can enter an address and choose to conduct a detailed enquiry; answering a set of questions on their proposed development resulting in information on:

  • who to consult (eg Heritage Tasmania);
  • what to prepare (eg documents that may need to be submitted); and
  • what to apply for (eg a permit).

Enquirers will be able to download a copy of their enquiry report which will list all requirements for their proposed development.

Enquirers who would like further information before lodging an application will be able to submit a request for advice to the relevant Council.

Online applications

From April 2022, a suite of applications can be submitted via PlanBuild Tasmania. The application process will include:

  • online lodgement
  • fee payment
  • validating the licence of parties involved, for example a plumber
  • purchasing your certificate of title
  • receiving notifications
  • tracking the status of the applications
  • request for information
  • internal and external referrals, for example, to TasWater
  • collection and disbursement of the industry training levy (ITL) and the building administration fee (BAF)
  • generating reports for professional users, for example the ABS report
  • managing workload through a dashboard for professional users

Problems that PlanBuild Tasmania will solve

Managing applications through the portal will be an improved way of working over existing paper-based processes that are not interlinked with each other. The portal offers clarity on application fees and consistent interpretation of relevant legislation. The portal will deliver a consistent, transparent and streamlined process to all users..

Development partnership

A local Tasmanian IT company, Geometry Pty Ltd, has been contracted to partner with the project team to build the PlanBuild Tasmania solution.

PlanBuild logoGeometry logo

Program timing

Anticipated timing for the program of work is:

  • Design and Validation phase – November 2019 to October 2020
  • Consultation and implementation - November 2020 to October 2021
  • Go-live November 2021 - Enquiry
  • Go-live April 2022 - Lodgement and tracking of Planning, Building, Plumbing, Environmental and Public Health applications
  • Go-live July 2022 onwards - Remaining functionality
Updated: 12th October 2021