HomeFEST success for PlanBuild Tasmania team

Members of the PlanBuild Tasmania project team attended HomeFEST recently to promote the soon to be released enquiry functionality of the portal.

PlanBuild Tasmania will be an easy to use portal for the state-wide management of planning, building, plumbing and environmental health application processes.

The portal will provide a consistent and convenient online user experience for Tasmanian property development.

Phase one of the portal which includes the enquiry functionality, will be available soon. Anyone will be able to enter an address in the portal to see what planning zones and codes apply to their property.

For those properties that fall under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, PlanBuild Tasmania will provide a comprehensive enquiry service identifying any planning, building and plumbing rules that may apply to a proposed project.

The team at HomeFEST spoke to over 100 members of the public and industry about the new portal. The response from both user groups was very positive, with many commenting the new portal will be helpful and provide a real benefit to those looking to understand the planning and building process.

To learn more about PlanBuild Tasmania and keep up-to-date with release progress sign up to the digital newsletter by emailing contact@planbuild.tas.gov.au

A member of the PlanBuild Tasmania Project team in the booth at homefest

Updated: 14th September 2021